The Benefits of the O’Brien’s Water Saddle for Aquatic Workouts

Water workouts are a great way to get in shape and burn calories. Not only are they low-impact, but they also offer a refreshing change of pace from traditional gym workouts. However, finding the right equipment can be a challenge – especially when it comes to flotation devices. The O’Brien’s Water Saddle is one product that has been gaining popularity among aquatic fitness enthusiasts. In this article, we’ll explore what sets the O’Brien’s Water Saddle apart from other flotation devices and how it can enhance your aquatic workouts.

## What is the O’Brien’s Water Saddle?

The O’Brien’s Water Saddle is a unique flotation device designed to provide support and stability while in water. It looks like a small foam saddle with two cut-outs on either side, creating space for your legs to straddle it comfortably.

Unlike other flotation devices, the Water Saddle doesn’t wrap around your waist or restrict movement in any way. Instead, it allows you complete freedom of movement while keeping you buoyant and stable in water.

## The Benefits of Using the O’Brien’s Water Saddle

There are several benefits associated with using an O’Brien’s Water Saddle during aquatic workouts:

### Improved Stability

The biggest advantage of using an O’Brien’s Water Saddle is improved stability. When performing exercises in water without any support, it can be challenging to maintain proper form and balance when resistance from gravity is removed.

However, by straddling the saddle between your legs, you’ll have improved stability that allows you to focus more on executing exercises correctly.

### Increased Buoyancy

Another benefit of using an O’Brien’s Water Saddle is increased buoyancy. This device will keep you floating higher in water than you would otherwise be able to manage safely by yourself – It helps prevent injury and make activities easier which might otherwise prove challenging.

### Enhanced Versatility

Working out in water presents an entire new range of challenges to stabilizing muscles. With the O’Brien’s Water Saddle, you can add a new dimension to aquatic workouts. It provides the stability you need to perform exercises that would typically prove difficult without support, including leg lifts, squats, and tricep dips.

Additionally, the saddle is small enough that it doesn’t get in your way during swimming sessions or other water activities.

## How to Use the O’Brien’s Water Saddle

The O’Brien’s Water Saddle is incredibly easy and straightforward in its use. Simply straddle the saddle between your legs and hold on to each side for added stability when doing aquatic exercises.

Some great examples of exercises you can try include:

– Leg lifts
– Squats
– Triceps dips
– Backstrokes
– Flutter kicks

Remember always not using this product while jumping off as you will fall off from your sitting position.

## Conclusion

Aquatic workouts are a fun and effective way to stay healthy and fit; however, finding the right equipment can make all the difference in maximizing their benefits. The O’Brien’s Water Saddle offers an innovative approach to flotation devices – providing improved stability during aquatic workouts without restricting movement or getting in your way.

Overall this product is an excellent addition for those looking to take their swimming workouts up a notch or anyone who wants additional support while staying cool under water.