Save Big on Dog Float Vests This Prime Day

If you enjoy boating, swimming or other watersports with your dog, Prime Day is the best time to score a deal on a high-quality dog floatation vest. Major brands like Ruffwear, Paws Aboard and NRS offer steep discounts on their most popular dog life jackets and float coats during the Prime Day sale event.

Best Dog Float Vest Deals for Prime Day

Here are some of the best Prime Day deals on float vests for all breeds and sizes of dogs:

  • Ruffwear K-9 Float Coat, Blue (2017 model) – Normally $79.99, on sale for $47.99 (save 40%)
  • Paws Aboard Neoprene Doggy Life Jacket, Pink Polka Dot (2017 model) – Normally $37.99, on sale for $22.99 (save 40%)
  • NRS CFD Canine Life Jacket (2019 model) – Normally $69.95, on sale starting at $41.97 (save up to 40%)

In addition to deals on specific products, some brands offer site-wide coupons for Prime Day such as 30% off Ruffwear float vests and free shipping on orders over $50 for Paws Aboard life jackets. With discounts on high-quality, reputable brands, Prime Day is the perfect time to invest in a float vest to keep your dog safe and provide peace of mind.

Benefits of Buying Dog Float Vests on Prime Day

There are several key benefits to shopping dog float vests on Amazon Prime Day:

  • Steep savings on premium, trusted brands normally available at full retail price
  • All sizes for all breeds – Find vests for dogs from 5 to 150 lbs. or more
  • Fast, free shipping for Prime members
  • Easy returns within 30 days of delivery if the vest does not fit your dog properly
  • 24/7 customer support to help you choose a high-quality, well-fitting vest for your dog

Provide Buoyancy and Flotation

The main purpose of a dog float vest is to provide buoyancy in water to keep dogs from tiring or drowning. The vest helps decrease drag while swimming to allow dogs to move freely. Flotation material, usually closed-cell foam, is strategically placed around the neck and torso areas to keep dogs in a natural swimming position with their head slightly inclined. This gives dogs confidence in open water or pools.

Reflective Material for Visibility

Most dog float vests contain reflective stripes or patches to make dogs visible to owners and others, especially in low light conditions. The reflective accents allow owners to keep track of their dogs when swimming or boating. This is important not just for dogs that like to venture far from owners, but also for keeping dogs safe from kayaks, jet skis and other watercraft.

Handle for Lifting In and Out of Water

Dog float vests frequently have a grab handle on the back, similar to a harness handle, for easily lifting dogs out of the water. The handle allows owners to grasp dogs securely around the torso and lift them onto docks or boats without worrying about them slipping from the vest. The handle also provides owners more control over their dogs’ movements in the water when needed.

Comfortable, Adjustable and Secure

High-quality dog float vests are designed to properly fit different breeds and sizes of dogs, with fully adjustable straps for maximum comfort and range of motion. Neck and belly straps should be snug but still comfortable for dogs. Most vests also have quick-release buckles for easily taking the vest on and off, as well as D-rings for attaching leashes.

If you want the best value on a premium float vest or life jacket to keep your dog safe around water, shop Amazon Prime Day. For high-performance vests at unbeatable prices, check out top brands like Ruffwear, Paws Aboard and NRS – but act fast before the best deals are gone! Investing in your dog’s safety and comfort is easy and affordable with huge Prime Day discounts on these floats and other essentials your dog will appreciate for seasons to come.