Ruffwear Life Jackets: Security and Comfort for All Seasons, Now 30% Off!

Ruffwear is the trusted brand when it comes to high-performance adventure gear for dogs. Their life jackets provide secure buoyancy for dogs on or in the water while maintaining range of motion and comfort. For Prime Day, Ruffwear is offering all of their highly-rated dog life jackets for 30% off so you can invest in your adventurous dog’s safety and wellbeing without breaking your budget.

Built for Safety and Performance

Ruffwear dog life jackets are constructed of durable, ripstop nylon materials with mesh underbelly for proper ventilation. Their secure yet adjustable straps and buckles create a snug, non-restrictive fit for any breed. Straps at neck, chest and rear contain flotation panels along the ribs to keep a dog’s head above water without compromising swimming ability. Reflective details enhance visibility for low light conditions. Ruffwear life jackets deliver peace of mind and comfort so dogs can dog paddling, boating or swimming to their heart’s content.

Comfortable Fit and Buoyancy

Ruffwear’s proprietary adjustment points and strategically-placed flotation give each life jacket the fitted feel of a harness. Your dog maintains full range of motion for jump-in entries, fetching toys or swimming laps. Their “K9 Float Coat” style with higher flotation keeps dogs buoyant while swimming and provides secure handles for lifting dogs out of the water if needed. For casual swimming or paddling, the “Overcoat” life jacket style offers lower profile coverage with the same adjustability and safety standards.

Dog Tested, Adventure Approved

As hardcore gear for dogs on outdoor adventure, Ruffwear life jackets are dog tested to ensure comfort, performance and suitability for extended activities or in dynamic waters. Their life jackets accommodate and moeve with a dog’s natural swimming motions while providing just the right amount of buoyancy control for different sized breeds, ages and water conditions. From pool to rapid to sea, Ruffwear has a dog life jacket suited to any dog’s activity level and their owners’ wellbeing.

30% Savings for Confident Adventure

Typically $60-$90, Ruffwear dog life jackets are now $42-$63 for Prime Day (30% off). At a savings of over 25%, investing in your adventurous dog’s safety on the water has never been so affordable. Sizing from XS to XL means there’s a Ruffwear life jacket perfectly suited to your dog – seize the perfect fit at an unbeatable price today!

Safety is the cornerstone of adventure. With a Ruffwear life jacket, your dog gains confidence in or on the water while you gain peace of mind knowing they are comfortable, secure and supported when the currents call. Seasons change but Ruffwear performance remains. Grab 30% off and never miss an opportunity to splash, paddle or play – your dog’s wonder and wellbeing worth far more than the asking. Adventure knows no bounds; adventure begins today!