Ruffwear Life Jackets for Dogs

Ruffwear is a trusted brand that produces high-quality gear for active dogs. Their line of dog life jackets or personal flotation devices (PFDs) are designed for canine water safety and recreation. Ruffwear life jackets feature durable construction, strategically-placed closed-cell foam panels for flotation, and leash attachments for restraint. With various sizes and styles available, Ruffwear has an option to suit most dogs.

Types of Ruffwear Life Jackets

The main types of life jackets offered by Ruffwear include:

  • Swamp Cooler Vest: Lightweight, mesh vest ideal for dogs that swim on occasion. Closed-cell foam panels provide basic flotation. Breathable, quick-drying and affordable. For casual swimming in mild conditions.
  • K-9 Float Coat: Durable life jacket for dogs that swim and boat frequently. Full flotation coverage with strategically-placed foam panels. Includes grab handle and leash attachments. For swimming in choppy waters and extended activity.
  • Approach Full-support Jacket: Ruffwear’s most advanced life jacket with the highest level of flotation. For boating, fishing or other activities where there is a risk of falling into deep or fast-moving water. Includes reflective trim, padded straps, leash attachment and handle.

Features of Ruffwear Life Jackets

All Ruffwear dog life jackets share the following features:

  • High visibility colors and reflective trim for enhanced low-light visibility
  • Strong buckle and strap adjustments for a secure yet comfortable fit
  • Durable construction from rugged, waterproof materials for longevity
  • Strategically-placed foam panels provide lift without restricting movement
  • Grab handle on back for easy control and restraint of your dog
  • Attachment points for leashes. Approve life jackets have extra attachment points.

For safe boating, swimming or other watersports with your dog, a properly fitted life jacket is essential. Ruffwear designs quality life jackets to suit various activity levels, from casual beach trips to extended time on open or fast-moving water. Their durable, ergonomic construction helps ensure greater safety, security and ease of use for dogs and their owners.