Protect Your Dog in the Water with the Outward Hound Dawson Dog Life Jacket

The Outward Hound Dawson Dog Life Jacket is a life vest for dogs made of ripstop nylon. It features reflective trim, rescue handles, and bright colors for high visibility in water. The life jacket has adjustable straps for a secure, customized fit and provides foam panels for extra buoyancy and safety according to the manufacturer. Outward Hound aims to provide pet owners with products that strengthen the bond between people and their dogs. The Dawson life jacket comes in sizes suitable for dogs from 5 to 120+ lbs to accommodate most breeds.

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  • Made from ripstop nylon (waterproof & tear-resistant) with breathable mesh
  • Reflective trim and bright orange color for high visibility
  • Rescue handle on top makes it easy to spot and grab dogs
  • Foam panels provide extra buoyancy to help dogs stay afloat
  • Adjustable nylon straps with quick release buckles for secure, custom fit
  • Leash attachment allows dogs to be tethered while wearing life jacket
  • Sizes available for dogs from 5 to 120+ lbs based on chest measurement


Reviews of the Outward Hound Dawson Dog Life Jacket are very positive. Owners frequently praise its adjustable fit, high visibility and extra safety provided by the foam panels and rescue handle. Dogs seem comfortable wearing the life jacket and it puts owners’ minds at ease knowing their dog can float and be spotted easily in water according to reviews. For the price, most feel it offers good value for the peace of mind and drowning prevention it provides based on customer feedback.

Some potential downsides are it may not fit certain breed body types well without adjusting, and long-haired dogs can have moisture trapped against the skin based on limited reviews. Sizing for dogs over 100 lbs may also run small, so checking the fit guide and measuring your dog is recommended according to a few owners. However, for a life jacket for recreational water use, the majority of customers highly recommend the Outward Hound Dawson Dog Life Jacket for comfort, safety and visibility based on reviews. For an affordable dog life vest that provides essential protection for dogs that swim, splash or ride boats, the Dawson aims high based on reputation.