Pat O’Brien’s Universal: A New Level of Entertainment Experience in Orlando

Orlando, Florida is one of the top tourist destinations in the United States, known for its world-class theme parks and attractions. One of the newest additions to the city’s vibrant entertainment scene is Pat O’Brien’s Universal – a unique experience that combines classic New Orleans-style cocktails with delicious food, live music, and an atmosphere that transports you to another time and place.

## The History of Pat O’Brien’s

Pat O’Brien’s is a name that has been synonymous with New Orleans since it first opened its doors on St. Peter Street in 1933. Founded by a young Irishman named Pat O’Brien, the bar quickly became a favorite among locals and tourists alike thanks to its signature drink – the Hurricane.

Over the years, Pat O’Brien’s expanded its reach beyond New Orleans, opening new locations in cities such as San Antonio and Memphis. In 2019, they added one more location to their roster – Pat O’Brien’s Universal at Universal CityWalk Orlando.

## What Makes Pat O’Brien’s Universal So Unique?

While there are plenty of bars and restaurants located throughout Orlando, few offer an experience quite like Pat O’Brien’s Universal. From the moment you step through the doors, you’re transported to another time and place – one where jazz music fills the air and signature drinks flow freely.

The bar occupies two floors within CityWalk Orlando – a vibrant dining and entertainment district located adjacent to Universal Studios Florida. With views overlooking nearby Islands of Adventure theme park on one side and bustling CityWalk on the other side from their balcony dining area.

Whether you’re here for dinner or drinks with friends or family, or just looking for a spot to relax after spending time at any of the nearby attractions like Harry Potter World or Jurassic Park at Islands of Adventure; this waterfront establishment offers beautiful views from all angles inside or outside.

## Food and Drink at Pat O’Brien’s Universal

Of course, no visit to Pat O’Brien’s would be complete without sampling some of their signature drinks. The Hurricane is still the bar’s most famous concoction, but they also offer a wide range of other classic cocktails, each made with the highest quality ingredients and served in beautiful glassware.

The food menu at Pat O’Brien’s Universal is just as impressive as their drinks. Inspired by the flavors of New Orleans cuisine, dishes like Jambalaya and Gumbo are on offer alongside American classics like burgers and salads. With outdoor seating featuring a waterfront view surrounded by greenery creating a little island oasis in the heart of CityWalk’s hustle and bustle; it’s an ideal spot for lunch or dinner any day of the week.

## Live Music at Pat O’Brien’s Universal

Another unique aspect of Pat O’Brien’s Universal is their live music offerings. The bar features both indoor and outdoor stages where local musicians perform jazz, blues, and other genres for guests to enjoy with a drink or meal.

The live entertainment is what makes this place truly special- whether it’s bands playing jazz improv sets in the atrium or on our upstairs patio overlooking scenic views just steps away from Islands Of Adventure theme park; there always seems to be something happening at Pat O’Brien’s!

## Conclusion

Pat O’Brien’s Universal has quickly become one of Orlando’s most popular destinations for tourists and locals alike – thanks to its unique blend of classic New Orleans-style cocktails, delicious food, live music performances whilst being conveniently located next door neighbor to one of America’s favorite theme parks – Universal Studios Florida!

If you’re looking for an escape from the ordinary tourist traps that dot Orlando’s landscape, head over to Pat O’Brien’s Universal. Whether you’re here for dinner with friends or family or just looking for a spot to relax after spending time at nearby attractions, you’ll find a unique and unforgettable experience at this iconic establishment.