Discover the Elegance and History of Pat O’Brien’s Glass

Introduction: When it comes to iconic establishments in New Orleans, few can rival the legendary Pat O’Brien’s. This renowned French Quarter bar is not only famous for its vibrant atmosphere and signature cocktails but also for its distinctive hurricane-shaped glassware. Each glass tells a story, encapsulating the rich history and allure of this beloved establishment. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of Pat O’Brien’s glass, exploring its origins, significance, and the unique experience it offers to visitors.


I. The Origins of Pat O’Brien’s Glass A. Historical background of Pat O’Brien’s B. The birth of the hurricane cocktail C. Design inspiration behind the hurricane glass

II. The Significance of the Hurricane Glass A. Symbolism and tradition associated with hurricanes in New Orleans culture B. Role played by hurricanes in shaping Pat O’Brien’s identity C. Collectibility factor of these unique glasses

III. The Experience of Drinking from a Hurricane Glass at Pat O’Brien’s A. Atmospheric ambiance within the bar B. Popular cocktails served in hurricane glasses C. Commemorative aspect and souvenir opportunity

IV: Hurricanes Beyond New Orleans – Global Appeal and Popularity Increase A: Expansion of Pat O’Brien’s presence beyond New Orleans B: Influence on other establishments worldwide C: Growing demand for hurricane glasses as collectors’ items


I: The Origins of Pat O’Brien’s Glass

Steeped in history, Pat O’Brien’s has been an iconic destination since its establishment in 1933 during Prohibition-era America, when drinking establishments had to get inventive to stay afloat legally or otherwise.

It was during these times that one particularly innovative bartender came up with a solution – he mixed up a concoction of rum and fruit juice, serving it in a unique glass molded into the shape of a hurricane lamp. This is how the hurricane cocktail was born.

Inspired by the name and design of this new drink, Pat O’Brien’s embraced the hurricane glass as its iconic vessel due to its distinctive shape and appeal. The layered effect of the various ingredients created a visually striking presentation that perfectly complemented the vibrant atmosphere within the bar.

II: The Significance of the Hurricane Glass

In New Orleans culture, hurricanes hold a significant place. As a city prone to being affected by these natural disasters, locals have learned to embrace their power and rebuild time and again. The hurricane cocktail became symbolic of resilience, unity, and celebration in overcoming adversity.

Pat O’Brien’s recognized this symbolism early on and used it as a cornerstone for their establishment’s identity. By serving their famous cocktail exclusively in hurricane glasses, they paid homage to both their city’s history and spirit.

The popularity of Pat O’Brien’s spread far beyond New Orleans over time, ensuring that these distinctive glasses became widely associated with enjoying good times with friends while embarking on an authentic New Orleans experience.

Collectors also quickly caught on to the appeal of these unique glasses. Many visitors choose to take home one or two as souvenirs from their visit to Pat O’Brien’s or even start building collections filled with memories from various trips to New Orleans.

III: The Experience of Drinking from a Hurricane Glass at Pat O’Brien’s

Walking into Pat O’Brien’s instantly immerses you in its vibrant atmosphere; dimly lit rooms adorned with vintage photos create an ambiance that transports you back in time. The clinking sounds of glasses mingled with laughter surround you as patrons raise their signature hurricane cocktails high.

Ordering one such cocktail guarantees not only delightful flavors but also an unforgettable experience. Served over ice in a large 26-ounce glass adorned with a slice of orange and a cherry, the hurricane is a true New Orleans classic. The vibrant red or amber hues of the drink blend perfectly with the glass’s shape, creating an enticing visual display.

The hurricane glass also serves as a commemorative keepsake for those who want to remember their visit to Pat O’Brien’s. Visitors can choose to purchase one of these glasses to take home as a memento of their unforgettable evening indulging in New Orleans’ beloved cocktails.

IV: Hurricanes Beyond New Orleans – Global Appeal and Popularity Increase

The fame of Pat O’Brien’s and its iconic hurricane glasses has traveled far beyond the borders of New Orleans in recent decades. The establishment has expanded its presence, opening venues in other cities across the United States.

Furthermore, establishments worldwide have been inspired by Pat O’Brien’s success story and started serving hurricane cocktails in similar glassware. This trend speaks volumes about how influential this iconic bar truly is.

The growing demand for hurricane glasses as collectors’ items mirrors this surge in popularity. People from all corners of the globe seek out these distinctive glasses to add to their collections or showcase during cocktail parties, impressing guests with their connection to a legendary bar steeped in history.


Pat O’Brien’s Glass is not just an ordinary vessel; it is an essential part of the bar’s identity and legacy. From its humble beginnings during Prohibition-era America to becoming an international icon representing good times and resilience, these hurricane glasses offer more than just drinks – they encapsulate history, culture, and memories within every sip taken from them. So next time you find yourself at Pat O’Brien’s or another venue offering this distinct experience, raise your glass high and toast to the elegance and allure that only Pat O’Brien’s Glass can provide.